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How Frequent You Should Water Your Lawn

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One of the most important things of water practices is on how frequent you water your lawn. Watering your lawn everyday will lead in a shallow and fragile root system and this kind of root systems weakens your lawn and dry out fast. Occasional, deep watering, on the other hand, promotes deep root systems which develop strong underground root systems for a disease and weed resistant, as well as dense lawn.

The average lawn requires water 1 to 2 times a week during the hot summer season, giving a total of about 1 inch of water in the whole week. Supplemental water may be needed depending on the amount of rainfall. During winter season, 1 to 2 times a week can obtain the same result when there is higher rainfall and less evaporation. Environmental conditions, type of soil and the type of turf also affect how frequent you need to water your lawn.

Warm-season grasses like the centipede, St. Augustine, Zoysia as well as Bermuda grass have deep root systems which make them fairly drought resistant. Of all the cool-season grasses, the Fescue grass has a deep root system as well as has the highest tolerance to drought. Generally speaking, cool-season grasses require more water compared to warm-season grasses. Your lawn needs the most water in such conditions of low humidity, high winds, drought and heat. the type of soil also plays a very important part in watering practices. Furthermore, clay soil can hold water longer and may be watered less often compared to sand soil that drains fast.

How to Water a Lawn

You have a lot of options on how to water your lawn – from the use of sprinklers to smart watering. Every option has its advantages and disadvantages, so select the best solution for your lawn.

1. Hose-End Sprinklers

These kinds of sprinklers are very good for small to medium lawns. The hose-end sprinklers provide you with the ability to move consistently and if needed, the position of the hose. There are actually a lot of choices in hose-end sprinklers therefore, you can select one which suits your lawn best.

2. Pulsating Sprinklers

This type of sprinklers shoots water horizontally at a very high speed so the water will not be affected by wind.

3. Smart Watering System

There are a lot of various kinds of smart watering systems. Most of them meshes with in-ground sprinkler systems.

4. In-Ground Sprinklers

It is a type of watering system that offers a more effective way to water a lawn. There’s a cost for maintenance and installation not present with the other previous choices however, spraying water like where it directly needs to go as well as the certain ability to automate the entire watering schedule can be able to save you more time as well as money in the long run.

Always bear in mind that having a healthy lawn needs more than mowing and nutrients as proper watering is also important. You should be extra careful not to getting your lawn neglected with too much or too little water. Contact a professional Ponte Vedra FL lawn maintenance service provider for more information.

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